Database Monitoring with Librato

Track Transactions in Real Time

Optimized for seamless integration and high performance, making it drop-dead simple to monitor your cloud databases.

Database Monitoring Set Up

Simple setup

Database Monitoring Request

Time requests and queries

Database Monitoring Connections

Beautiful preconfigured dashboards

Database Monitoring Latency

Correlate latency to storage I/O

About Database Monitoring

Preconfigured and customizable dashboards for an elegant display of your cloud databases (alerting and notifications too).

Database Monitoring Dashboard

Safeguard your critical data stores with real-time performance data.

Your caching and data persistence layer is the foundation of your creation. Let us help you ensure it’s healthy and performing well with our turn-key database integrations. It really doesn’t matter what combination of datastores you’re running - from in-memory key/value caches to ACID SQL systems - we will have you up and running in a matter of minutes.

It really is as easy as flipping a switch, and navigating to your preconfigured dashboard where you can quantify connection rate and latency, truss out blocked clients and slow queries, and even keep an eye on I/O sensitive back-end processes like saves and compaction. Librato makes it easy to maintain a solid foundation for your application.

Key Database Metrics

In a matter of minutes, track these and other metrics that are vital to the well-being of your application.

Category Metric Name Description
Connections Connection tracking Number/rate of open, blocked, and total client connections
Connections Connection latency Amount of time it takes for a packet to travel between two connections
Resource Utilization Resource utilization Memory allocation, thread usage, number/kind of items in cache, buffer and cache sizes
Usage Data Usage data Cache hit/miss, command/operation/query types and rate, Pub/Sub Patterns, Slave Lag, Row operations
Back-end Back-end processes Changes since last save, compaction timing, DB size on disk, backups, etc.

More Monitoring Know-How

Content crafted by our engineers with only one goal: to help you monitor with ease.

Instacart Elser
“We use Librato to aggregate all our metrics in one place and provide more detail about how everything’s performing - how often we’re running jobs, whether or not certain external services are responding in time.”


Database Monitoring Integrations

Librato unifies your monitoring experience by integrating with every layer of the stack.