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About Redis Monitoring

Preconfigured and customizable dashboards for an elegant display into your Redis deployment (alerting and notifications too).

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The Librato out-of-the-box integration with Redis gives you a number of metrics that you can incorporate into your Redis management.

The data tier has in the past been a significant choke point in architectures backed by relational engines, and as a result it has seen a high level of innovation in recent years. Redis is one of these innovations. It’s become a very popular cache for the data tier and also a primary store for many scenarios, both because of its performance but also because of its simplicity and power.

What are the operational issues you face as an operations engineer or developer in charge of Redis? Clearly, you want to track memory consumption to make sure your snapshots will work. You want to track changes in memory values to make sure you are not exposed to data loss. In a single-threaded system, you will want to also monitor the number of commands that you are executing.

With Librato, you will have visibility into all that and more, in just a few minutes.

Key Redis Metrics

In a matter of minutes, track these and other metrics that are vital to the well-being of your application.

Category Metric Name Description
Uptime (seconds) uptime Number of seconds since the last Redis server restart
Used Memory memory Total number of bytes allocated by Redis
Lua Memory memory_lua Total number of bytes used by the Lua engine
Key Expiration Events expired_keys Total number of key expiration events
RDB Changes since Last Save volatile_changes Number of changes since the last dump (SAVE or BGSAVE).
Pubsub channels pubsub.channels Global number of pub/sub channels with client subscriptions
Pubsub patterns pubsub.patterns Global number of pub/sub patterns with client subscriptions
Total Commands Processed total_operations Total number of commands processed
Connections Received total_connections Total number of connections that have been accepted by the server
Connected Slaves current_connections.slaves Number of connected slaves
Connected Clients current_connections.clients Number of client connections not including slave connections
Blocked Clients blocked_clients Number of clients pending on a blocking call such as BLPOP, BRPOP, BRPOPLPUSH

More Monitoring Know-How

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