Librato Has Leveled Up.
Introducing SolarWinds® AppOptics™.

AppOptics combines all the great features of Librato with new, additional functionality including host maps, distributed transaction tracing, 150+ cloud-ready integrations, and affordable pricing.

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Custom Metrics

A fully customizable metrics platform. Quickly collect custom infrastructure, application, and business metrics. Our API-first approach means we share all the features.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Instant visibility into server and infrastructure performance with real-time dashboards. Get a bird’s-eye view across all your hosts on a single pane.

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Trace Powered APM

Trace requests through your entire application and infrastructure, across RPC calls, through queues, and more. Monitor a broad set of languages and frameworks.

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Turn Key Integrations

From zero visibility to a fully-populated dashboard typically in under five minutes. 150+ cloud-ready integrations. Get data straight from the source—no agents required.

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