Real-Time Cloud Monitoring

Transform your monitoring data into valuable insight at any layer of the stack.

Go From Zero to Full-Stack Monitoring in Minutes

With just a few clicks, gain visibility across the container and operating system, through the web and application infrastructure, to your application itself.

The Art and Science of Real-Time Monitoring


Gather metrics from AWS, Heroku, or your own favorite sources.


Aggregate and transform your metrics with our functional DSL.


Compare metrics and overlay events in beautiful dashboards.


Customize your rules and escalate using your existing tools.

Tyler Murray

“Librato is plug and play, and about as sane as you can get with implementing a metrics monitoring system.”

Tyler Murry, Senior Engineering Manager

Seth Pollack

“If speed and agility are most important and you need immediate insights with little overhead then Librato is the perfect choice.”

Seth Pollack, Rival IQ Co-founder

Scott Turnquest

“Librato is one of the most important live dashboards that we have running in our team room.”

Scott Turnquest, Application Dev


You can measure infinite metrics with Librato.
Here are a few of our most popular configurations

Server Monitoring
with Librato Agent

Starting under
$10 per server

Based on a server collecting
98 server metrics

Cost per server per month

AWS Cloudwatch Integration

Cost per instance per month
Resolution: 60 seconds

StatsD Backend Application Metrics

50 gauge / counter metrics

10 timer metrics (with 1 percentile)

Cost per instance per month
Resolution: 60 seconds