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About Apache Monitoring

Elegant, flexible, and responsive, our Spaces UI will depict Apache metrics in real time.

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Efficiently collect and display core Apache metrics in an elegant and easy-to-use dashboard.

Apache is one of the most popular web servers of all time, and is often found in the mix of many application architectures. By leveraging Apache’s built-in mod_status plugin, Librato collects and displays crucial information about your Apache web server performance.

Whether you want to track requests per second across your multi-node Apache web server tier, or keep an eye on the number of idle workers per server, Librato can help by efficiently collecting and displaying core Apache metrics in an elegant and easy-to-use dashboard.

Getting started with monitoring Apache is as simple as following the short configuration instructions. Within minutes, your Apache servers will be reporting their metrics to Librato.

Key Apache Metrics

In a matter of minutes, track these and other metrics that are vital to the well-being of your Apache servers.

Category Number of Metrics Description
Traffic Requests per second Requests per second to your Apache server
Traffic Bytes per second Bytes per second to your Apache server
Workers Idle workers The number of idle Apache workers
Workers Worker scoreboard Multiple metrics that give insight into what each worker is actually doing, whether it’s spending time on DNS, closing a connection, or anything else.
Traffic Requests per second Requests per second to your Apache server

More Monitoring Know-How

Content crafted by our engineers with only one goal: to help you monitor with ease.

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