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Optimized for seamless integration and high performance, making it drop-dead simple to monitor your NGINX performance metrics.

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Simple setup

nginx dashboard

Measure the rate of client requests and connection latency

NGINX metrics

Count connections broken out by state

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Quantify response codes

About NGINX Monitoring

Preconfigured and customizable dashboards for an elegant display of your NGINX performance (alerting and notifications too).

nginx bytes sent
nginx processing
nginx response code
nginx response processing

It doesn’t matter how many NGINX servers you have, or how widely they are dispersed. Your preconfigured dashboard will always accurately and effortlessly depict your production traffic workload in real time.

Have you ever wished you had a single line graph that could show you the current magnitude of rate of request traffic across all of your NGINX instances? In a matter of minutes, our NGINX integration will arm you with elegant visualizations that break down the number of currently active, reading and writing client connections, as well as rate of requests per second.

The Librato Agent gathers your server metrics straight from the NGINX stub_status module. Your NGINX configuration needs only a few additional lines to begin shipping critically important performance metrics to your preconfigured Librato dashboard.

It only takes a few minutes to get started. Just use the integrations tab to add an integration, and then tack on an NGINX integration. Our UI will guide you through the steps you need to get up and running in no time.

Key NGINX Metrics

In a matter of minutes, track these and other metrics that are vital to the well-being of your application.

Category Metric Name Description
Connection Counting Connections accepted, connections completed The total number of client connections that have been accepted and successfully processed
Request Tracking Total requests Rate and number of client requests
Connection errors Connections dropped The percentage of prematurely terminated client connections
Connection Breakdown Connections [reading,writing,active,waiting] The current number of connections broken down by state.

More Monitoring Know-How

Content crafted by our engineers with only one goal: to help you monitor with ease.

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