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Monitoring Docker with Librato

Fast, Real-Time Monitoring for Dockerized Applications

Optimized for seamless integration and high-performance, making it drop-dead simple to monitor your containerized applications.

Docker Setup

Simple setup

Docker Dashboard

Preconfigured Docker dashboard

Docker Metrics

Per-container CPU, Network, and Memory metrics

Docker Images

No need to modify your images

About Docker Monitoring

Preconfigured and customizable dashboards for an elegant display of your Dockerized application performance (alerting and notifications too).

Docker Memory Usage
Docker CPU Monitoring Dashboard
Docker Memory
Docker Network Bytes

Effortless transparency for your containerized applications.

It’s difficult to measure the CPU utilization of processes isolated inside Docker Containers. The Librato Agent, however, makes it easy to collect and visualize system-level metrics from your dockerized application. Our in-house developed Docker plugin reads container metrics straight from the Docker Daemon, so you don’t need to modify your preexisting images in any way.

With Librato, Docker monitoring couldn’t be easier. Just use the integrations tab to set up the Librato Agent integration and then add a docker integration to it. You’ll then be guided through the steps you need to get up and running on your Docker hosts.

Once you have the agent installed and running, you’ll see data automatically begin to appear in your preconfigured Docker monitoring dashboard. A series of metrics specific to each of your containerized apps will help you spot performance problems and debug any inexplicable behavior occurring inside your process-isolated application.

The metrics exposed by the Docker daemon include per-container CPU utilization and throttling stats, Memory limits and utilization data, and Network utilization and error metrics. A detailed description of these metrics is available at the Docker runtime metrics page.

Key Docker Metrics

In a matter of minutes, track these and other metrics that are vital to the well-being of your application.

Category Metric Name Description
CPU Percent Utilization The percent of time the CPU is in use
CPU CPU Throttling Number of times a CPU Quota was enforced
Memory Memory Utilization Breakdown of the amount of memory used by each containerized process
Network Network Traffic Number of bytes and packets sent over the container network interface
Network Network Errors Number of dropped packets and errors on the container interface

More Monitoring Know-How

Content crafted by our engineers with only one goal: to help you monitor with ease.

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Full-Stack Monitoring in One Place

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