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Elegant, flexible, and responsive, our Spaces UI will depict NGINX+ metrics in real-time.

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This page refers to NGINX Plus, the commercial offering of NGINX. Check out our Open Source NGINX page for more monitoring information.

NGINX Plus brings a new level of performance, reliability, security, and scale to your website. Librato allows you to visualize the performance of your site, the experience you are delivering to your users, and of the inner workings of NGINX Plus.

In just a few minutes you can monitor the production traffic being served by NGINX Plus. Simply connect the Librato agent to your NGINX Plus server to gather your server metrics, create alerts, and visualize your NGINX Plus performance with our out-of-the-box composite metrics and customized dashboards.

To get started, simply sign up for a Librato account, select the NGINX Plus integration in Librato, drop the Librato Agent on your Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, or AWS Linux server, and start visualizing your data.

Key NGINX+ Metrics

In a matter of minutes, track these and other metrics that are vital to the well-being of your website performance.

Category Metric Name Description
Overview A high level overview of your NGINX Plus serve
  • Accepted, Idle, Dropped, and Active Connections
  • Requests
  • Respawned processes
  • SSL handshakes and session reuses
Streams Aggregated view of NGINX Plus streams, including server zones connections, traffic and more, and upstreams connections, responses, health checks and more.
  • Traffic sent and received by upstream
  • Server checks fails and unavailable
  • Connect times
Upstreams Monitor the requests, connections, traffic and server checks of your upstreams.
  • Requests
  • Connections
  • Response codes
  • Checks
Server Zones Monitor the requests, responses, error codes and the amount of data sent and received by each one of your server zones
  • Requests
  • Response codes
  • Traffic
Caches Monitor your NGINX Plus caches usage
  • Traffic served, written and bypassed
  • Cache hits and misses
  • Updating, revalidated and stale responses

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