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Server monitoring

Collectd's modular framework and wealth of user-contributed plugins make it a solid choice for system-level performance analysis and capacity planning.

We built our collectd integration to minimize dependencies and simplify client-side configuration so you can leverage the full power of our metrics platform with a minimum of hassle.

It couldn't be easier to ship your collectd metrics to Librato and correlate problems across systems, craft informative service-oriented dashboards, and reduce alert fatigue.

Native integration.

No downloading custom plugins. Our integration works out of the box with collectd's write_http plugin. Our collectd integration adds only 7 lines to your collectd.conf.

Dashboards out of the box.

There's no need to manually hunt down metrics and setup instruments. We'll automatically create a collectd specific dashboard when you enable the integration.

Instant server metrics.

Quickly visualize CPU, Load, Memory, Swap, Network, and Disk metrics from any combination of your sources with just a few mouse clicks.

Mathematically derived metrics.

Our composite metrics functions make it possible to combine collectd's granular metrics into meaningful data. By giving you the tools to make hard things possible, our composite metrics multiply the power inherent in collectd.


Service side filtering.

Our service-side filtering of the inbound collectd metrics stream reduces clutter and protects your pocketbook by ensuring that you only save the metrics that are important to you.


Collectd. Empowered.

With over 90 plugins, collectd's monitoring capabilities are impressive. Visualize and alert on metrics all the way from AMQP to ZFS ARC.