The Art and Science of Real-Time Monitoring


Gather metrics from AWS, Heroku, or your own favorite sources.


Aggregate and transform your metrics with our functional DSL.


Compare metrics and overlay events in beautiful dashboards.


Customize your rules and escalate using your existing tools.

Unbounded Data Collection

Wire up Turn-Key Integrations. If you run AWS, Heroku, Collectd, or AppHarbor, our turn-key integrations can take you from zero visibility to fully-populated dashboard in under 5 minutes.


Control your collectors. We work with the community to support the open-source collectors you’re already using. No Proprietary agent required.


Developers: See our API Docs

Powerful Data Processing

Gain insight with mathematical transforms. Our functional DSL can apply mathematical transforms to any combination of your time series. Easily craft composite metrics that represent ratios and derivatives, or combine thousands of different series together into a single line.

Overlay time-shifted data. Compare the past to the present, and easily track disparities between the same metrics over a series of days or weeks.

Don't average your data into oblivion. We persist your metrics in a verbose data format that allows you to select a consolidation function when you draw the graph.


Beautiful Visual Insights

Create any visual correlation. Craft instruments that contain metrics from any source at any level of the stack, from SNMP byte counters on your switches to in-process instrumentation in your production apps.

Document and overlay arbitrary incidents. Track and cor-relate aperiodic events you define. Overlay alert notifications, cron-job runs, code-deployments, and more using annotation streams that can be superimposed on any graph.

Customize and share your dashboards. Craft a dashboard for each application that contains exactly the data you need to verify that your processes are happy - and your marketing department, and your bosses... that your boss is as happy as your processes.


Versatile Alerting

Alert on missing data. We'll keep you in the loop if one of your sources has stopped sending data.

Craft complex alert conditions. Set up alerts based on multiple metrics and complex calculations like derivatives to capture exactly the situation about which you want to be notified. More signal; less noise.

Notify via third-party services. You can send notifications straight from our UI using email and webhooks. If you use an escalation service like Pagerduty or Opsgenie, we've got you covered with tons of third-party integrations